The archives hold records from the following Parishes or Former parishes. Where boundaries have changed, information may be found in an adjoining Parish. Parish registers can be downloaded as PDF files at the bottom of the page.


Akaroa: see Akaroa- Banks Peninsula

Akaroa-Banks Peninsula: Previously two separate districts. Various boundary changes - see also Mt Herbert and Governor's Bay


Amuri Co-operating: Transferred from the Diocese of Nelson in 1990. Some records still held in Nelson.


Avonhead: Divided from Upper Riccarton- Yaldhurst


Banks Peninsula: see Akaroa-Banks Peninsula

Barrington Street: combined with Hoon Hay see South West Christchurch

Belfast –Redwood: previously known as Belfast with Marshland

Bishopdale: Previously attached to Papanui

Burwood: Previously known as New Brighton and originally part of Avonside

Cashmere: Part of Sydenham until


Chatham Islands: attached to Kumara and Lyttelton at various times

Cheviot: Transferred from the Diocese of Nelson in 1990. Some Records are still held in Nelson.

Christchurch- St Luke: also known as St Luke the Evangelist, the first city parish to be divided from Christchurch- St Michael

Christchurch - St Michael: also known as St Michael and All Angels This parish was the original Parish of Christchurch.

Cust: see Oxford-Cust

Ellesmere: previously two districts Ellesmere/Leeston and Southbridge

Fairlie: see MacKenzie Co-operating

Glenmark: see Glenmark- Waikari

Glenmark-Waikari: previously two separate districts, Glenmark and Waikari

Governor's Bay: see Lyttelton and West Lyttelton

Halswell: see Halswell- Prebbleton, has been attached to other parishes for brief periods at various times

Halswell- Prebbleton: previously two separate districts, Halswell and Prebbleton

Hanmer Springs: transferred form the Diocese of Nelson in 1990. Some records are still held in Nelson.

Heathcote- Mt Pleasant: The Heathcote portion of this parish was previously part of a larger one which included Woolston and Opawa.

Highfield: previously part of St Mary's Timaru

Hinds Co-operating


Hoon Hay: see South West Christchurch

Hornby: includes Templeton and was previously part of Prebbleton


Kumara: transferred to the Diocese of Nelson in 2000. Records are still held in Diocese of Christchurch.

Linwood: previously part of Avonside


Little River: previously a parish and also at various times part of Banks Peninsula and Governor's Bay. Now in Mt Herbert.

Lyttelton: previously Lyttelton and West Lyttelton. West Lyttelton divided between Lyttelton and Governor's Bay. The latter is now part of Mt Herbert


MacKenzie Co-operating: previously Fairlie, originally part of an area which also included Geraldine and Te Ngawai

Mayfield- Mt Somers


Mt Herbert: includes parts of Little River, Governor's Bay and West Lyttelton

New Brighton: Burwood previously known as New Brighton, North New Brighton previously part of this parish

North New Brighton: previously part of New Brighton

Opawa: Heathcote, Woolston and Opawa were originally one parish

Otaio-Bluecliffs: see St Andrews Co-operating

Oxford: see Oxford-Cust

Oxford-Cust: previously two separate districts, Oxford and Cust

Papanui: previously included Bishopdale

Phillipstown: Transferred to Te Pihopatanga o e Aotearoa ki Te Waipounamu, records retained.

Prebbleton: see Halswell Prebbleton


Rangiora: includes some Woodend records

Riccarton- St James

Riccarton- St Peter: see Upper Riccarton –Yaldhurst

Ross and South Westland

St Albans

St Andrews Co-operating: previously Otaio-Bluecliffs

St Martins


Southbridge: see Ellesmere

South West Christchurch: previously two parishes, Hoon Hay and Barrington Street


Sumner- Redcliffs: Sumner previously part of Heathcote Parish

Sydenham- Beckenham: included Cashmere until (?)

Temuka: originally part of a larger area which included Te Ngawai, Geraldine and Fairlie

Te Ngawai: originally part of a larger area which included Temuka, Geraldine and Fairlie

Timaru: previously included Highfield and Marchwei

Tuahiwi: has at various times been part of Kaiapoi, Woodend and Rangiora

Upper Riccarton- Yaldhurst: also known as St Peter's Upper Riccarton

Waiho Co-operating

Woodend: some records are held with Rangiora

Woolston: originally part of a larger area which included Heathcote and Opawa.

Parish Records which are not held in the Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Archives

Christchurch- St John
Kensington- Otipua
Parklands Co-operating
Pukaki Co operating

Parish Records usually, but not always include:

  • Baptism Registers
  • Marriage Registers sometimes with associated Banns Books
  • Burial Records sometimes with associated with Cemetery Plot Books
  • Confirmation Records, duplicates after 1890 are held in Diocesan Papers
  • Service Registers also known as Vestry Books
  • Vestry Minutes
  • Correspondence
  • Financial Records
  • Parish Organisations eg Mother's Union, Association of Anglican Women, Ladies Guilds, Youth
  • Groups, Sports Groups, Church of England Men's Society, Servers,
  • Flower Guilds
  • Parish Magazines and Pew Sheets
  • Photographs